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KWS Propower Hybrid Fall Rye

KWS Propower Hybrid Fall Rye is a very high biomass silage and forage variety. Developed for the dairy industry, it produces excellent quality silage if cut before ear emergence and combined with corn silage. The variety has high whole-crop yields and can be used for grazing just as readily. KWS Propower has the best standability and, like all hybrid rye, varieties have low input requirements due to improved nutrient and water uptake. KWS Propower is a strong competitor to weeds. Disease resistance, even to ergot, is very high.

KWS Propower
  • Up to 15% higher forage yields than other hybrid rye varieties

  • Excellent quality silage, forage, and feed

  • Very good lodging resistance & Winter Survival

  • Performs well on irrigation & Dryland

  • Low ergot risk

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